The Comfortable Way To Get Dentures

Revolutionizing Smiles in Port Orange, FL: Denture & Implant Solutions

Dentistry has come a long way from the early days when options for missing teeth were limited and often uncomfortable. From the ancient use of animal teeth and stones to the first porcelain dentures in the 1800s, each step forward has been about improving comfort, aesthetics, and functionality for the patient. Fast forward to today, […]

Looking into Dentures on Implants (Snap-In Dentures) in Port Orange?

Looking into Dentures on Implants (Snap-In Dentures) in Port Orange? What are Dentures on Implants, Snap-In Dentures or Snap-In Partial Dentures? Great question! Snap-in dentures and snap-in partials are stable and versatile upgrade to conventional dentures and partials. Unlike conventional full dentures that are held in by suction created by a very close form fit […]

Hybrid Denture Repair in Port Orange, FL

hybrid denture repair in port orange fl

Before we talk about hybrid denture repair. Do you currently wear removable (full or partial) dentures and have grown tired of the daily struggles that accompany your dentures, the discomfort, continuing expenses and need for repairs? Have you been told you are not a candidate for dental implants because of bone loss in your jaw? […]