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Looking into Dentures on Implants (Snap-In Dentures) in Port Orange?

Snap-In Dentures in Port Orange, FL

What are Dentures on Implants, Snap-In Dentures or Snap-In Partial Dentures?

Great question! Snap-in dentures and snap-in partials are stable and versatile upgrade to conventional dentures and partials.

Unlike conventional full dentures that are held in by suction created by a very close form fit to the gums or partial dentures that remain in place by clasps that attach to remaining teeth, snap-in dentures and partials are held in by snapping into dental implants that are implanted in the jawbone.

Once the dental implants are in your jaw the implant supported or implant retained denture (also called an over-denture) will be set in place. Depending on the custom design of your over-denture it will either be fixed permanently in place or removable for the purpose of cleaning.

Snap-In Denture and Snap-In Partial Benefits

The benefits of snap-in dentures are many. Let’s take a look at the top benefits so you can make an educated decision whether Snap-In Dentures are right for you.

First benefit for Dentures on Implants is their level of stability compared to conventional dentures, and because they are less likely to slip they add confidence to the wearer when speaking or even smiling. The stability also adds to the ability to chew harder and stickier foods.

A huge benefit is comfort, snap-in dentures fit better than conventional dentures and because of that there is less friction and rubbing.

Looks are another benefit, many snap-in denture owners feel their snap-in dentures look more natural, especially snap-in partial dentures because there are no metal clasps that can sometimes look out of place or unnatural.

Things to Think About Before Getting Snap-In Dentures or Snap-In Partials

Even though there are many benefits to snap-in dentures, there are also things to think about before you decide snap-Ins are for you.

Snap-in dentures and snap-in partial dentures require implant surgery. The procedure is safe but might not work for people who may react negatively to local anesthetic or sedation.

Because of the implant procedure snap-in dentures can cost more than conventional dentures and chances are they are not covered by insurance. With that said there is always financing available to make it easier to stretch out payment.

Another thing you will need to know going into this decision is your level of tooth or gum decay, and the health of your jawbone under the gums. To receive implants you will need a sufficient amount of jawbone, if there is not enough jawbone  you may need to get a bone graft so you will have enough jawbone. This is not a bad thing, just know that it adds one more step as well as time to the process.

Are Snap-In Dentures and Snap-In Partials Hard to Take Care Of?

Maintenance is a key factor in any denture, you will be given a protocol to stick to for optimal care of your snap-in dentures, it’s not complicated but it is essential.

Brushing the gums, tongue and roof of your mouth with a soft bristle brush is the most effective and most recommended maintenance before snapping in your dentures.

Rinse your dentures to remove and debris and then give them a thorough brushing with a non-abrasive cleaner and a soft bristled brush.