The Comfortable Way To Get Dentures

Hybrid Dentures in Port Orange, FL

Millions of Americans are missing most or all of their teeth. The old fashioned way to solve missing teeth was to make bulky plastic dentures that rest on the gum tissue. This creates a multitude of problems.

Problems with outdated dentures

  • Dentures do not preserve bone
  • Poor chewing forces
  • Messy denture adhesives
  • Dentures moving and slipping
  • Sore spots on gum tissue from lose dentures

If you are about to need dentures or already wearing dentures we can create custom hybrid dentures that are fixed onto dental implants.

Hybrid Dentures

What Are Hybrid Dentures?

Hybrid dentures are high quality dentures that are fixed on dental implants. Edentulous patients or those who are missing all of their teeth on the upper or lower arch can get a complete set of replacement teeth in a single visit to our Dental Center in Port Orange thanks to hybrid dentures.

The dental implants stimulate and preserve bone levels. This is important as loss of bone causes facial collapse and wrinkles. The hybrid dentures are secured with dental implants and do not move. This allows patients to eat what they want and to laugh spontaneously without worrying their dentures will fall out.

Hybrid Denture Implants

Dental implants are so effective because they fuse with the bone. This characteristic allows patients to choose dental implants as a long-term solution for tooth loss. Hybrid dentures are extremely stable and will not move or fall out. Dental implants allow the denture to lock into place. This eliminates the need for messy denture adhesive. The hybrid implant dentures are extremely comfortable because they are stable. This stability allows patients to eat and enjoy the foods they love (even corn on the cob). The implant dentures stimulate and preserve bone. Bone loss and collapse of the facial contours creates extreme elderly appearance. Dental implant dentures fill out the face and create a natural look of beauty.

Fixed Hybrid Dentures

In edentulous patients, though, the jawbone erodes over time because the patient no longer has tooth roots to hold it in place. That process may increase the chances of dental implant failure. When this erosion occurs, patients can still be candidates for dental implants if they undergo a bone graft prior to implant placement.

Hybrid dentures eliminates the need for that bone graft and the months it adds to the treatment timeline. This approach secures the prosthetic arch using four dental implants strategically placed toward the front of the bone, where erosion progresses most slowly. The implants are also angled underneath the gums, maximizing available bone.

After the implants are in place, patients are fitted with a prosthetic arch of teeth, allowing them to leave our office with a complete, intact smile.

With hybrid dentures, patients also benefit from a shorter post-surgical healing timeline.

Even patients with significant jawbone atrophy following tooth loss can take advantage of hybrid dentures, which puts dental implants in reach of virtually all patients who want them.

Hybrid Dentures Benefits

  • Have fixed teeth that look & function like real teeth!
  • Long term solution
  • Freedom from a removable appliance
  • No more denture relines
  • No more gobs of denture adhesive
  • Have your social life back
  • Increased confidence in social situations
  • Feel free to be yourself
  • No more awkwardness or apprehension during or leading up to romantic & intimate moments
  • Be free from pain & suffering!
  • No more pain and discomfort
  • No more sore spots on gums
  • Enjoy all foods again & improve your overall health

Improved Nutrition And Overall Health

  • No longer limited to soft, mushy foods
  • Improved chewing ability and function
  • Fully taste food again
  • Feel food textures again (the roof of your mouth will no longer be covered)
  • Increase your self-confidence
  • No more (denture-related) embarrassing moments
  • Freedom to smile wide and laugh out loud again!
  • No more covering your mouth when you laugh
  • Speak clearly and with confidence
  • No more denture-related speech difficulties
  • No more worrying or feeling self-conscious when dining out
  • No more feeling self-conscious in social situations
  • Prevent further bone loss & slow the appearance of wrinkles/aging
  • Prevent further bone deterioration and resorption
  • Slow the appearance of aging and wrinkles


Sweet Dentures are leaders in implant dentistry in Port Orange, FL and can create hybrid dentures that stay in place and are comfortable. Contact our dentist today and restore your self-esteem and self-confidence, eat what ever you want and smile.