The Comfortable Way To Get Dentures

Denture Implants in Port Orange, FL

Tooth loss is a reality for many people of all ages, and for a long time, the only solution was wearing a simple denture. But wearing a denture came with sacrifices which anyone who wears or has worn a denture will understand. You experience a distinct change in your quality of life and enjoyment due to lack of chewing aesthetic and psychological changes. The simple pleasure of biting into an apple or chewing a steak can seemingly become just memories when wearing a denture.

Pain, missing your favorite foods or low self-esteem can now be a thing of the past. Functioning teeth can be recreated in days, giving you and your mouth and smile back with modern day dental denture implants in Port Orange, FL.

What Are Denture Implants?

Denture implants are artificial teeth that look like natural teeth. By placing denture implants, patients can replace their missing teeth. Since the technology of dental implants has been around for a long time, they have been considered the best option for replacing missing teeth. Aside from being a great treatment option, they also contribute to maintaining good oral health. They are stronger and far superior to other options such as bridges and regular dentures.

Denture Implants Procedure

Denture implants are inserted into the mouth to anchor down and keep dentures from sliding around or moving. This allows you to eat every type of food whether hard or soft. If you are sick of your adhesive dentures and want to change your life denture implants are for you.

The first thing the dentist or oral surgeon does in preparation for denture implants is to remove any excess teeth, or remaining teeth in a person’s mouth. The reason for this is that teeth rot and could cause a lot of issues if they are surrounded by dentures. Once all the teeth are removed the implants can then be installed.

Denture Implants in Port Orange

The dentist drills the screws into the bone and leaves a small tip of the implant exposed above the gum line. This exposed piece of the implant is the shape of a small ball. The shape is engineered this way so that the dentures simply snap into place which makes it possible to eat hard things without the dentures moving or sliding. Once the implants have been installed, the dentist will x-ray and make sure that the screws are surrounded with enough bone density to ensure a solid foundation strength for your dentures.

The surgery is very simple and consists of the easy steps mentioned above. In most cases this procedure only takes about 60-90 minutes and is almost always an out patient procedure. Once you have had this surgery you can expect about 3-5 days of recovery time in which you will have to eat liquid foods. The doctors usually suggest that you don’t use your new dentures until at least day 4 after the initial surgery.

Denture Retained Implants

Implant retained dentures are considered to be the best solution to either partial or complete edentulism. Edentulism is the term that is used to symbolize a toothless condition. Apart from losing your teeth, you also lose your articulation in speech and self-confidence. It is not a desirable or appealing thought to have, but it can be managed with the help of denture retained implants.

Denture Retained Implants Benefits

There are numerous advantages to implant-retained dentures. Minimal recovery time, reasonable cost, simple maintenance, natural-feeling teeth, and an increase in self-esteem are just a few of the benefits. With denture retained implants, it will be possible to chew meat again. You won’t even have to remove your dentures or suffer from bad breath as a result of them.

Denture Retained Implants Procedure

If you’re planning on getting implants to replace your missing teeth, congratulations. They are far more secure than traditional dentures and are designed to keep their shape and prevent them from getting dislodged. Another benefit of implants is that they provide a secure fit and stimulate the jawbone to maintain proper health.

Through implants, your jawbone can maintain the stimulation it needs to keep it healthy. This can help prevent further tooth loss and improve its longevity.

Initial Consultation

During your first visit, we’ll take impressions and X-rays to create a customized treatment plan for you. We’ll also check the existing jawbone to ensure that it’s strong enough to support the implants.

Your visit is also an opportunity to discuss all of your options with Dr. Bowers and her highly trained team. We’ll also ask about any medical questions that you might have.

First Surgery

The first surgery involves preparing the implant for placement into the jawbone. During this process, we use general anesthesia to make an incision in your gum. The next step is when the implant is placed into the bone. After cutting the area, the Dr. Bowers will secure the implant using stitches.

After the procedure, you’ll be given a recovery period of about three to six months. During this time, the implants will fuse with the jawbone.

Second Surgery

During the second surgery, Dr. Bowers will expose the top portion of the implants so they can be held in place. A collar or cap will then be placed on top of it to guide the healing process. After adequate healing time, the healing collar is replaced with a new set of abutments and a final impression is taken.

Final Step

Once the work has been completed, you can finally try on your new dentures for the first time. We’ll then make sure that the implants are secured in place.

Full Denture Implants

Dental implants for dentures provide advantages to the people with full dentures as the dental implant supports the denture. Over time, full dentures may become ill-fitted due to loss of jaw bone. Bone loss follows when teeth are lost, and it occurs faster depending on the number of missing teeth. Full denture implants are actually attached to the bone, preventing bone loss in the process.

Denture Implants Cost

When seriously considering denture implants in Port Orange, FL, one should also consider the costs of such. A consultation with Dr. Bowers would be appropriate so she can assess what help a patient needs in restoring teeth and smile. Dr. Bowers may also suggest if a patient needs to undergo specific treatments or not after which a treatment plan will be based. Such a process will impact the total time and cost of denture implants.


Periodontal diseases are the most common cause of edentulism. The loss of teeth is caused by a variety of factors, including smoking and poor oral hygiene. Take good care of your pearly whites if you still have a full set of teeth. If you don’t have any teeth left, make an appointment Dr. Bowers to discuss getting your own full denture implants.